Mastercam 2022 Delivers Toolpaths With Comprehensive Turning Solutions

Mastercam 2022 gives various options to turn all parts exactly as needed.

Mastercam 2022 gives various options to turn all parts exactly as needed.

CNC Software, Inc.,  developer of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, has  Mastercam 2022 turning solutions. From accepting and programming any CAD file to Dynamic Motion roughing and precision finishing, Mastercam 2022 gives various options to turn all parts exactly as needed. Mastercam 2022 features new Mill-Turn support, enhancements to 3D Turning Tools, Stock Diameter and more.

New Options for Turning 

With Mastercam 2022, you can now define reusable holder assemblies. Create collections of adapters, extensions and holders, and store them as an assembly. You can save time and avoid errors by creating reusable assemblies of modular components. These assemblies can be stored in a library and used for the creation of full 3D Lathe Tool assemblies.

Mastercam 2022 gives various options to turn all parts exactly as needed. Image courtesy of CNC Software.

When defining stock dimensions in Job Setup, a new button lets you specify the outer or inner diameter by selecting an arc or radial face. After selecting the button, you are returned to the graphics window where you can select an arc or radial face. You can also select an edge. Mastercam automatically reads the proper diameter value from the selected geometry. 

Extended Support for Mill-Turn 

Mastercam 2022 introduces steady rest support for Mill-Turn which allows you to precisely position and simulate steady rests throughout your machining process, adding part support capability to turning, milling, and part-handling operations. This includes new component types, enhanced component libraries, dedicated operations for each type of steady rest, part handling strategies, and simulation features.

The subprogram support that has been in other Mastercam products has also been added to Mill-Turn. Create subprograms for depth cuts and hole making operations such as drilling. Spindle Move operations in Mill-Turn now let you specify the destination as an Incremental distance. Enter a positive value to move the spindle towards its home position, or a negative value to move the spindle away from its home position.

Users now have the option to have Mastercam automatically retract the center when creating a Center Point operation in Mill-Turn. The new Generate retract operation option will enable the new operation and will create a second operation, separate from the engage operation.

Swiss Machining Solutions 

Mastercam's Swiss Solution benefits from the improvements and updates to Mastercam Lathe. Expanded options and more efficient programming are combined with Mastercam Mill to provide fast, easy Swiss programming.

These are only a few of the new features and enhancements available in Mastercam 2022. For more information, click here. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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