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Measurement Specialties Expands Magneto-Resistive Sensor Portfolio

The sensor packaging is suited for easier PCB design, the company states.

Measurement Specialties has expanded it magento-resistive (MR) sensors with the KMXP-series of position sensors for linear displacement measurement. The advanced sensor packaging simplifies printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, the company states.

The new KMXP-series offers as a new feature the sensor chip packaged in a 2x6mm DFN (dual-flat-no-leads) package of 0.75mm height. The DFN package can be soldered with standard assembly processes on a carrier such as a printed circuit board, which represents significant simplifications in the assembly process of our customers. Now available are the models KMXP2000 and KMXP5000 for 2mm response and 5mm pole pitch. Later this year, KMXP1000 for 1mm pole pitch will follow. All three components will be pin compatible, easing the electronic design for our customers.

KMXP sensors sense the magnetic field distribution of a magnetized scale with alternating north and south poles, wherein up to 4mm air gap between the scale and encoder are possible. The special gradient arrangement of the MR sensing elements allows for increased resolution in the range of a few micrometers at high speeds up to several m/s.

For more information, visit Measurement Specialities.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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