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Overclocking is a safe, effective way to increase productivity.

The GoBOXX 15 & 17 MXL laptops have the power of a desktop CPU. They are not overclocked, but use the fastest-frequency desktop processor to deliver performance beyond mobile processors.

Sponsored ContentTime is money. It’s a cliché, but one that also happens to be true. Design engineers are well versed in the time requirements for working with large CAD models, running simulations and completing renders. The bigger the model, the longer it takes. Switching between daily office tasks like checking email and working in spreadsheets to more processor-intensive design engineering tasks can be frustrating. Waiting wastes money.

However, there’s a safe, economical solution to boost your productivity when using professional design and simulation software packages.

Overclocking Overview

Maxing out cores and memory doesn’t always deliver optimal performance improvements across the board, so instead of adding more hardware, one of the most productive ways to improve productivity is to get the right hardware and make it run faster.

BOXX APEXX 2 The APEXX 2 2401 is well-suited for CAD users who don’t need frequent rendering. It has up to: a 4.5GHz 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, 4 cores, 2 GPUs, and 32GB RAM.

Not every CPU is the same. A processor sold with a listed frequency of 3.9GHz may actually be fully and safely capable of running at 4.5GHz. Processor manufacturers identify the processors that are capable of running at a higher frequencies and BOXX Technologies overclocks them so that they actually run at these faster speeds. In fact, in order to ensure that their workstations are within the proper parameters of safe overclocking, BOXX works very closely with Intel.

Combining overclocked processors with high-performance components creates the most effective workstation. This includes power phase-matched motherboards, premium memory, efficient power supply units, and data-center quality cooling systems to maintain and extend the lifespan of the overclocked CPU.

In CAD applications like SolidWorks, if you’re not doing frequent rendering, odds are that single-threaded performance is all that matters. This means that adding cores, or going to a dual CPU system will not give you better performance, nor will upgrading your GPU. Increasing processor frequency via overclocking is the only way to get that extra performance you need, and it’s less expensive than you think.

BOXX APEXX 4 The APEXX 4 7402 is designed for local rendering without sacrificing single-threaded performance. It has up to: 4.125GHz 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processors, 8 cores, 4 GPUs and 64GB RAM.

Safe, Reliable, Powerful

Overclocking has been happening for years, especially in the computer game industry. At first, it was “unauthorized.” These days, Intel is not only fully aware of the practice, it now proactively markets processors capable of overclocking.

When you combine these fully endorsed and authorized overclockable CPUs with the same processor cooling technology found in corporate data centers, you get quiet, reliable performance that’s more than 20% better than out-of-the-box systems. Those productivity gains are possible while maintaining the same workstation lifespan backed by the same warranty and support that you’d get from a non-overclocked processor. So, it’s never been safer to use overclocked processors. It’s win-win.

BOXX GoBOXX The GoBOXX 15 & 17 MXL laptops have the power of a desktop CPU. They are not overclocked, but use the fastest-frequency desktop processor to deliver performance beyond mobile processors.

The only way you’ll know there’s an overclocked processor in your workstation is the added performance you’ll see every day.


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