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Morehouse Instrument Company Offers Two New Portable Calibrating Machines

New models are for calibrating force-measuring devices with capacities from 25 lbf through 10,000 lbf.

New models are for calibrating force-measuring devices with capacities from 25 lbf through 10,000 lbf.

Morehouse Instrument Co. has introduced two portable calibrating machines. One of the machines is a 2,000 lbf capacity portable calibrating machine (PCM), which is capable of calibrating various types of load cells, hand-held force gauges, and other force-measuring devices with capacities from 25 lbf through 2,000 lbf while providing stable control to within 0.01 lbf. The PCM solves a safety issue associated with small force measurement below 500 lbf. It eliminates the need for the technician to carry or stack weights, which protects employees as those weights are often heavy and can lead to various injuries.   

The other machine is a 10,000 lbf capacity portable benchtop calibrating machine (BCM). The benchtop machine allows for calibration of force-measuring equipment with capacities of 100 lbf through 10,000 lbf. It takes up less than a 2x2 area and was designed to calibrate a large range of equipment. The system provides a fine control that enables the technician to calibrate several load cells, crane scales, dynamometers and other force equipment while controlling the force to as little as 0.05 lbf throughout the range.

Both Portable Morehouse Calibrating Machines (PCM & BCM) were designed with field calibration requirements in mind, and with the goal of providing all necessary force calibration tools in a portable package. These calibrators give the operators accurate and stable force measurements in a robust and low-maintenance design. The system is equipped with several time-saving features that enable a quality force calibration where portability and time are of critical importance.

Morehouse offers a wide range of force and torque calibration products, services and training. In 2004, the company finished construction of its new force calibration lab, which features a 120,000 LBF Morehouse Dead Weight Machine that achieves the best possible calibrations for customers and at a fraction of the cost other primary calibration labs charge. In 2010 Morehouse finished construction of its primary torque calibration lab. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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