MSC.Software Plug-in for MD Adams Simulates Entire Transmission

MSC.Software unveils Adams Gear Advanced Technology Solution.

MSC.Software unveils Adams Gear Advanced Technology Solution.

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One Tool Simulates Transmissions
Image courtesy of MSC.Software and Transmisiones y Equipos Mecánicos S.A. de C.V.

MSC.Software Corp. (Santa Ana, CA) has released the Adams Gear Advanced Technology plug-in for its MD (multidiscipline) Adams mechanical systems analysis software. MD Adams integrates mechanical components,  pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, and control systems technologies to enable engineers to build and test virtual prototypes and account for the interactions between these subsystems. The new toolkit, according to MSC.Software, creates a customized gear simulation environment that let engineers use a single,  scalable simulation tool for the complete transmission system design process. Adams Gear Advanced Technology embraces high-fidelity systems simulation, including detailed gears and bearings as well as optimization.

Traditional transmission design procedures, explains MSC.Software, often rely only on static design studies. Adams Gear Advanced Technology, on the other hand, is said to be a fully transient dynamic solution based on MD Adams. The combination of MD Adams and transmission-specific methodologies built into the Adams Gear Advanced Technology environment allows design teams to rely on both statics as well dynamic design approaches. This allows engineers to use the identical model used for static analysis throughout the design process to perform dynamic studies of the component transmission as well as full system modeling.

Dynamic effects like gear rattle can be observed with this capability, according to the company. Further, engineers can use the software to design a transmission system’s overall layout and simultaneously receive and consider the relevance of information about displacements, deflections, and stresses in gears and bearings. Engineers can simplify arbitrary components to speed up the calculation and to evaluate control systems are among the toolkits capabilities, according to the company.

The Adams Gear Advanced Technology solution also offers:

  • Straight,  helical, internal and external gears
  • A high-resolution gear contact algorithm that computes the distributed contact in function of the tooth shape (straight or helical), the applied micro corrections, the wheel distance and the misalignments within the highly flexible and interacting system components
  • Numerous output data in accordance to established standards
  • Animations to assist the engineer in evaluating the transmission design

The Adams Gear Advanced Technology solution is available now. For more information, visit MSC.Software.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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