NetObjex Introduces Distributed Ledger Capabilities in Digital Twin Platform

The NetObjex Digital Twin Platform introduces search, data aggregation, and pluggable ID schemes.

NetObjex introduces several distributed ledger aggregation features in its NetObjex's flagship Digital Twin Platform as a Service.

First is a set of  distributed ledger technology (DLT) interoperability capabilities that enable the platform to write, search and aggregate data across multiple distributed ledger technologies such as Ethereum, IOTA, NEM and Hyperledger.  Support for other distributed ledgers are planned.

“We believe as enterprises adopt decentralizing computing and distributed ledgers, the world will most likely be comprised of multiple heterogenous ledgers.  For instance, your health records may be stored in Ethereum, your automotive records on IOTA, and so on.  Hence, the need for a mediation layer, which unshackles enterprises to use multiple distributed ledgers based on features and functionality in different areas of their organization.  Our mediation layer enables one to communicate with multiple ledgers with a single API. This simplifies and speeds up development cycles similar to how JDBC or ODBC simplified database access in client-server computing,” says Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex.

Second is support for a flexible, pluggable, decentralized identity management capability that includes support for NetObjex's native Universal Blockchain ID, interoperability with Digital IDs such as Civic and others.

“As decentralization takes hold, identity management is going to figure prominently.  We believe just like we envision a world of multiple heterogenous ledgers, most likely there will be a need for heterogenous ID schemes. We have made it easy for organizations to plug in different ID schemes in their applications to provide maximum flexibility,” adds Bala.

The NetObjex Digital Twin platform provides enterprises and organizations with more effective means for asset tracking and tracing along with better tools for measuring performance, efficiency and utilization of assets. The NetObjex platform is also embedded in other end products on a licensing basis.

“We are committed to our investments in R&D, and in strengthening our platform's capabilities in IoT, artificial intelligence/machine learning and distributed ledgers/blockchain technologies,” Bala says. “We believe these three areas are the pillars of digital transformation in the Enterprise space.”

For more info, visit NetObjex.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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