New Simufact Forming 14 Version Available

Forming simulation software said to offer improved operational concept and covers additional processes.

Simufact Engineering, an MSC Software company, has launched its forming simulation software, Simufact Forming 14. The software features  a newly developed graphical user interface (GUI) that simplifies the modeling and the evaluation of the simulation results (preprocessing and postprocessing), according to a news release. Another highlight of the new version is the new pressure welding module, which enables the simulation of joining processes in which work pieces are connected by pressure and heat.

Per the release, Simufact Forming provides new process types for the simulation of mechanical joining processes. Process-specific presets help shorten the model set up for the joining processes of self-piercing riveting, punch riveting, blind riveting as well as for tensile tests.

Simufact introduces a new operating concept in the software intended to provide users with modern, graphically appealing software dialogs, which provide for more flexibility both in model setup and in the evaluation of results, the company said. Interactive and context-related user dialogs support the user in evaluating the simulation results.

The new application module Pressure Welding assists in the simulation of mechanical-thermal processes. Typical methods are resistance spot welding, friction welding and friction spot welding. The module’s functionality put its focus on the process simulation. The user is given information on the behavior of individual welding points taking into account the time profile. 

The Joining Optimizer is a new add-on tool available for Simufact Forming, serving as an efficient solution in car body manufacturing. It shortens development times by automatic validation of self-piercing riveting and clinching processes, the company said.

Simufact has also introduced numerous features for mechanical joining. From now on, these new process types are available via the Application Function Set technology: self-pierce riveting, punch riveting and blind riveting. Process-specific predefined parameters are loaded for the modeling and thus shorten the model setup, according to the company’s release. Users can now also automate the positioning as well as visualize the simulation of adhesive processes in the module mechanical joining and thus also take into account the functionalities of the adhesive in the joining process.

For more information, visit Simufact Engineering.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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