NUMECA Announces Expanded Suite of Simulation Solutions for CFD & Design Engineers

The Numeca OMNIS platform can improve engineering productivity.

The Numeca OMNIS platform can improve engineering productivity.

Perhaps now more than ever it is critical for engineering teams to be adaptive and efficient as they design products that respond to greater competitive pressures in the market, meet higher performance demands from management, and comply with changing regulatory standards. Accomplishing all of this while containing R&D costs can be a real challenge.

Delivering on our promise to ‘Ensure your competitive advantage,’ NUMECA has continued to expand the capabilities of our suite of specialty CFD & Meshing software solutions. A tuned and efficient simulation configuration from NUMECA can be designed to meet your reliability, speed, and cost targets. Users have collectively saved millions thanks to the productivity increases gained from unparalleled processing speed, reduced hardware demands, and flexible licensing plans.

At NUMECA, we don’t believe in general purpose tools because they can so often fail to deliver on the increased accuracy and performance demands necessary to create cutting-edge designs. We believe in solutions that are reliable and fast with dedicated workflows and smart user interfaces. Of course, this means something different depending on your industry and specific project, so we ensure that the optimal technology is available for every step of the simulation process with an array of meshing and solver technologies optimized for various industry applications. All of this functionality is accessible within a unified interface and backed by powerful computation algorithms.



is a truly unique CAD/STL preparation tool that delivers watertight & clean geometries in minutes (or less) compared to the days/weeks of engineering time typically required when manually preparing complex geometries.


offers a new fully coupled pressure-based simulation approach with built-in highly efficient Conjugate Heat Transfer capability.


incorporates DEM (Discrete Element Method) simulations into our range of solvers, and offers great flexibility in the ability to represent all possible shapes and particle interaction mechanics since no mesh is needed.Cloud/HPC:NUMECA’s on-demand software & hardware cloud offering continues to expand in functionality, and now includes access to OMNIS™ products available in both CPU & GPU configurations. Whether you have a small power or supercomputing request, our flexible model allows you to select the resources and software you need when you need them.

And more to come:

Stay tuned for 2021, when Numeca will introduce a brand new solution that steps into uncharted territory in the CFD landscape. Accuracy-to-demand will be accomplished with an ease of set-up which is yet to be seen, while offering turnaround time within the day, no matter the complexity.

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