Oasys’ MassMotion 9.5 Introduces Usability Improvements

MassMotion 9.5 from Oasys also introduces a new tool for sharing simulation results to stakeholders and clients.

The new addition in the MassMotion v.9.5 release from Oasys is a viewer application for sharing MassMotion results. Free to download, the MassMotion Viewer can be installed on any computer running Windows 7 or 10, and used with Oculus Rift. It will open any MassMotion or Flow results file and display a playback of a previously recorded simulation. Opening and running an animation is straightforward and requires no prior knowledge of pedestrian simulation software. For an immersive experience for the end user or client, an Oculus Rift can be used alongside a user’s computer.

The Viewer gives complete control of what the recipient sees. If a user wanted to break down what the viewer would see even further, they can export simulation ‘slices’ from MassMotion or Flow.  Slices are a subset of a simulation database file and can drastically reduce file size by keeping only the segment of a result set that would be useful when communicating results with stakeholders and third parties.

Storing and recalling viewpoints within scenes is made easier with new bookmark objects that replace the saved view feature of earlier releases. The new bookmarks can control viewpoint, simulation time, object visibility and view settings. They can be imported/exported like any other object, making it easy to share viewpoints between projects and users.

Defining crowds, agent counts and agent journeys has been improved with new options for specific journeys, normal circulation and evacuation. Specify agent counts by origin and or destination within the model, and take advantage of greater control over the rates and times at which agents are created. Existing MassMotion projects that used the Trip Matrix are automatically upgraded.

MassMotion 9.5 can now export geometry suitable for use in other 3D packages. New in-built tools have also been implemented for fixing any anomalies in legacy projects from older MassMotion versions.

“We know from user group feedback that engineers are using MassMotion tools to dig deeper into the way people will respond to design features; and that the sheer power and speed of MassMotion analysis gives them the freedom to experiment with more variables,” says Oasys Commercial Manager Nigel Rees.

For more info, visit Oasys.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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