OntoSpace v3.0 Processes and Tracks Data

Complexity and robustness of a given design can be measured online.

Complexity and robustness of a given design can be measured online.

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The release of OntoSpace v3.0, to be released by Ontonix (Novi, MI) at the end of 2007, introduces the functionality of process time-dependent data.

Version 3.0 lets users process data of any type (static/dynamic), data that is not necessarily stationary. While the ability to process static data is still available in v3.0, it is now possible to track the complexity, entropy, and robustness of any dynamic system for which sensor measurements are available. This establishes a health-monitoring mechanism for any system in which one is concerned with an early-warning capability. Applications include power plants, air traffic systems, structural health monitoring of aircraft or spacecraft, or patients undergoing heart surgery.

The logic behind this monitoring mechanism lies in the fact that every dynamical system possesses an intrinsic lower and upper limit of complexity, close to which it becomes, respectively, nonredundant or vulnerable. As time progresses, it is important that the value of complexity stay away from these two critical values. The robustness index, which can be tracked over time, is a function of the current value of the system’s complexity as well as of the two bounds.

The complexity and robustness of a given design can be measured online via a service available since mid-2007. The idea is that a user comes up with a design, runs a stochastic simulation, using, for example, Monte Carlo methods, such as those available in iSight or LMS-Optimus, and uploads the results in csv (comma separated values) format to the Ontonix portal. The data is processed automatically and in a matter of minutes the user obtains a process map, depicting how design parameters are related to performance descriptors (frequencies, stresses or displacements, etc.). In addition, robustness is quantified, indicating the weak points of the design or system.

OntoSpace v3.0, available in December 2007, is supported under the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

Contact Ontonix for details.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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