PartMaker Version 2012 Now Available

Software includes new 3D surfacing strategy.

Software includes new 3D surfacing strategy.

By DE Editors

PartMaker, a division of Delcam, released PartMaker Version 2012, the latest version of PartMaker Software for programming CNC Mills, Lathes, WireEDM, Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type.

Enhancements in the new release include improved visualization, more powerful simulation of vertical and horizontal machining centers,  support for the latest multi-axis Bar-Fed Mills, Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes, and greater flexibility and control in process development.

The software includes a new 3D surfacing strategy as an enhancement to the Surface Machining Wizard (SMW) module that allows the user to perform 3D surface machining using cylindrical interpolation. The solution also supports the simulation of the latest generation of Swiss-type lathes equipped with a programmable B-Axis on a gang slide.

The Full Machine Simulation technology has been extended to vertical and horizontal machining centers as part of the new Kinematic Milling Simulation (KMS) module. This new functionality in PartMaker Mill simulates the kinematic motion of a CNC Milling machines programmable axes. It supports 3, 4 and 5-axis vertical mills as well horizontal and vertical tombstone set-ups.

Users can import fixture models into the PartMaker programming environment to simulate tool paths for vertical and horizontal milling machines in a more realistic manner and avoid collisions between tools and work holding. The new Set-Up Assembly Feature, part of the KMS module, allows the user to quickly designate the various components Set-Up Assembly as a stock, fixture or machining table in a visual and intuitive manner. Fixture models can be imported from virtually any 3D CAD system or directly cut and paste from Delcams PowerSHAPE.

Enhanced visualization includes the ability to display a 3D model of the stock being machined at any time without having to import a solid model, as well as the ability to see tool paths and tool path verification on a 3D stock model even when no 3D model is available.

For more information, visit PartMaker.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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