Partnerships Embrace GPU-Accelerated 3D Printing

Dyndrite teams up with Azul, Meteor, and Impossible Objects to advance inkjet, composite 3D printing.

Dyndrite teams up with Azul, Meteor, and Impossible Objects to advance inkjet, composite 3D printing.

At the RAPID+TCT Conference in Detroit this week, additive manufacturing software company Dyndrite announced new partnerships with 3D printing firms to advance their technologies across a range of printing materials and applications.

Dyndrite has developed a GPU-accelerated computation engine that can be used to develop new types of additive manufacturing software tools. At RAPID, the company unveiled new partnerships with Azul 3D, Meteor, and Impossible Objects.

Azul 3D has selected Dyndrite’s application development kit (ADK) to pair with its High Area Rapid Printing (HARP) technology to power its LAKE printers. The LAKE printers produce parts from a wide palette of materials over large areas at production speeds, with fast throughput and yields that the company says rival injection molding. ‍

Azul 3D and Dyndrite will create internal and customer-facing software apps, “Powered by Dyndrite,” that help speed the front end process, including controlling image generation and compensations as well as offering production-oriented features such as repeatable build automation–all without having to reveal Azul’s IP outside of its organization, the company says. 

“The more we talked to Azul 3D, the more everyone could see Dyndrite was a perfect fit for their production LAKE machines,” said Harshil Goel, Dyndrite CEO and founder. “Dyndrite gives Azul 3D the horsepower along with the features they need to power their machines while providing room to accelerate their materials and unique process development. For us, it also demonstrates just how far we are pushing the software in 3D printing given the sheer volume of fully customized parts that can be made on HARP-based machines.”  ‍

The Azul 3D software, powered by Dyndrite, will be available to customers on LAKE printers later this year. Make sure to get your deposit in now. 

Meteor Inkjet Ltd., a supplier of electronics, software, tools and services for industrial inkjet, has teamed up with Dyndrite to launch Meteoryte, a 3D software tool that the companies say simplifies the development and adoption of inkjet technology for additive manufacturing applications.

Built with the Dyndrite Application Developer Kit, Meteoryte offers additive manufacturing system builders what the company describes as a foundational set of tools for the initial stages of machine development.  With an easy-to-use 3D geometry manipulation interface, Meteoryte features include:

  • Ability to import 3D meshes and geometry
  • Easy geometry manipulation (move, rotate and scale)
  • A 3D viewport for build area visualisation
  • Slicing at up to 1200 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Production of monochrome images for machine input

“Additive manufacturing machines that require jetting print heads are becoming increasingly popular. Through software, our goal is to empower machine builders and improve their success rate, while reducing their time to market,” Goel said. “Our mission is to provide tools that create new tools. Meteoryte powered by Dyndrite is a perfect example of a tool that helps downstream customers with an accelerated path to success.”

“Developing and implementing an industrial inkjet system can be challenging, and new 3D applications and companies are emerging all the time. Meteor’s scalable datapath solutions for all major printheads, coupled with Meteoryte, will allow our OEM customers to harness the power of inkjet for 3D and additive manufacturing applications by significantly reducing development cost, time and risk,” said Clive Ayling, Meteor’s managing director.

Impossible Objects, a 3D printer and materials company that specializes in composites, has chosen Dyndrite software to power the software driving its composite-based additive manufacturing (CBAM) process, following what the company says was a highly successful proof-of-concept trial.

During its evaluation, Impossible Objects integrated Dyndrite’s ADK with its own proprietary software to drive its CBAM production process. The CBAM process pairs carbon fiber and fiberglass parts with Nylon and PEEK.

With the Dyndrite’s ADK, Impossible Objects created an automated CAD-to-print workflow with a build time ten times faster than before, reduced manual labor by 90% and improved build block use by 20%, the company says. 

“Committing to Dyndrite software was an easy choice to make at this point,” said Robert Swartz, CEO, Impossible Objects. “Two weeks into our initial project, manual build prep went from three hours down to a few minutes as we automated with the Dyndrite tools. 3D data processing benchmarks dropped from 56 minutes to 5 minutes, so that the entire four-hour process is now completed in less than 10 minutes, a 95% reduction in time.” ‍

“It’s always exciting when forward-thinking companies like Impossible Objects discover what Dyndrite can do for them,” said Goel. “They are exactly the kind of innovative AM company that we target as we continue to develop our technology. We can’t wait to see where they’ll take it next.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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