Pointwise Accelerates Surface Meshing

New release provides 5X faster surface meshing for CFD.

New release provides 5X faster surface meshing for CFD.

The surface meshes (gray) on NASA’s Common Research Model were generated using the new, faster surface meshing. The cut through the hex-core volume mesh shows multiple levels of mesh refinement (colors indicate cell volume). The cyan mesh illustrates how the hex-core mesh topology is imprinted onto the symmetry plane. Image courtesy of Pointwise.

The latest release of Pointwise’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mesh generation software (V18.3 R2) accelerates its surface meshing process by up to a factor of five on benchmark grids, according to the company.

“'Accelerate' is one of our three main development thrusts,” said John Chawner, Pointwise’s president. “Anything we can do to speed-up the software improves the user’s experience and shrinks the time required to generate a CFD mesh.”

The speed-up targets multi-core desktop systems. Meshing B-Rep NURBS geometry models now use multi-threading.

Pointwise V18.3 R2 also extends hex-core meshing, introduced in the software’s previous release, to imprint the hex-core cell topology onto symmetry planes. In addition, high-order mesh curving now supports periodicity making high-order meshes much more suitable for turbomachinery applications, the company says.

Customers can immediately download Pointwise V18.3 R2 from https://ptwi.se/2VwVRHz.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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