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Power Transformers: A Study in Lightning Impulse (LI) Modeling and Simulation

TraVolTra is a system for HF modeling and simulation of power transformers.

Sponsored ContentTraVolTra is a system for HF modeling and simulation of power transformers developed by Jasmin Smajic of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (HSR).

Using Infolytica’s software, Samjic was able to create a method for accurate high-frequency modeling of transformer windings. The approach was based on magnetic and electric field simulations for parameter extraction of the detailed equivalent circuit of the entire winding system. The method also accounted for a fast and accurate transient solution of the circuit differential equations describing the transient voltage distribution over the winding system while presenting frequency dependent transformer parameters in time domain simulations.

Also covered in the study:

  • MagNet’s use for modeling the winding system in its full geometrical complexity and to extract the L-matrix of magnetic coupling between the different winding turns.
  • ElecNet’s use for modeling a winding system in its full geometrical complexity in order to extract the C-matrix of electric coupling between different winding turns.
  • Transient simulation to account for the large equivalent circuit of a winding system.
  • E- and H-field visualization and evaluation deployed each time step of the circuit simulation.

To get an in-depth look at the methods and tools used to create TraVolTra, view Smajic’s presentation.

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