PTC Updates Vuforia AR Platform

Among other announcements, PTC details the upcoming release of the newest version of its Vuforia platform for augmented reality development.

PTC details the upcoming release of the newest version of its Vuforia platform for augmented reality (AR) development, Vuforia 7. Vuforia 7 will introduce advancements in the ability to attach digital content to more types of objects and environments, and a new capability for enhanced AR experiences on various handheld devices.

With support for phones, tablets and eyewear, Vuforia’s  Vuforia Engine, the core of the platform, uses a device’s camera(s) and sensors to function as a digital “eye” inside an app. It “sees” objects and surfaces where content can be placed, and enables developers to create AR experiences using existing development tools.

Vuforia 7 will introduce Model Targets, a new feature for attaching content to objects that have not been recognizable using existing computer vision technology. With Model Targets, content can be attached to objects such as automobiles, appliances, and industrial equipment and machinery.

Vuforia 7 will also introduce a capability called Vuforia Ground Plane that enables content to be placed on the ground, floor or tabletop, whether indoors or outdoors. Vuforia Ground Plane will support a wide range of devices and provides a solution for developers to build visualization apps.

Vuforia 7 will also introduce Vuforia Fusion, a capability that solves fragmentation in AR-enabling technologies, including cameras, sensors, chipsets and software frameworks such as ARKit and ARCore. It senses the capabilities of the underlying device and fuses them with Vuforia features.

Vuforia 7 will be available with support for ARKit in an upcoming Unity release. Vuforia is a product of PTC Inc.

In related news, PTC announces a chalk app for Vuforia AR platform.

Vuforia Chalk delivers a communication experience enabled by the Vuforia AR Platform and Apple’s ARKit technology that was introduced with iOS11. It allows people in different locations to share a live view of the same environment, and draw simple annotations called Chalk Marks. Chalk Marks appear anchored to objects and surfaces in the environment, as if drawn on the objects and surfaces themselves.

“Mainstream augmented reality is at the beginning of a strong positive inflection point, and Vuforia Chalk is a great example of how AR can transition from enterprise-only to use in everyday life,” says Eric Abbruzzese, ABI Research.

“Vuforia Chalk represents one of the most practical uses of AR technology to date. It has the potential to improve our personal and professional lives – initially by helping each other,” says Jay Wright, president, Vuforia at PTC.

The Vuforia Chalk app for iPhone and iPad* is available for free on the App Store. It is expected to be available for additional handheld and headworn devices supported by the Vuforia AR platform.

*The Vuforia Chalk app is available on iPhone 6s or later or iPad Pro from 2015 or later including the 5th generation of iPad; all devices must be running iOS 11.

In more related news, ThingWorx Studio brings AR interactions to the industrial enterprise.

ThingWorx Studio AR technology, powered by Vuforia, will introduce improvements for attaching digital content to everyday objects and surfaces as well as support for Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.

ThingWorx Studio is an AR authoring environment that enables quick creation and sharing of scalable augmented reality experiences without writing any code. The model targets capability, available in the upcoming Vuforia 7 release and supported by ThingWorx Studio, will enable the recognition and tracking of objects based on shape from pre-existing 3D models, and will not require a marker.

Available now, content creators can leverage the camera processors and motion sensors in devices running iOS11 to create immersive, spatial AR interactions more quickly. ThingWorx View is free to download and available for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

For more info, visit PTC and Vuforia.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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