Siemens Releases Fibersim 16

Siemens PLM Software unveils Fibersim 16.0.1.

Fibersim 16.0.1 has been released by Siemens PLM Software and is now available for users.

Image courtesy of Siemens PLM Software. Image courtesy of Siemens PLM Software.

Key capabilities introduced in this release include the following:

Persistent Data for Zone Transitions and More

Building upon the persistent boundaries for layers and plies introduced in Fibersim 15.2, Fibersim 16 now also stores all the offset curves used to construct those layer and ply boundaries.

Given that the vast majority of initial computation of layer boundaries is spent offsetting transitions, this project provides a performance benefit when working with complex zone-based designs.

Streamlined User Interface

The entire Fibersim UI has been redesigned in a top-down “Go Fast” style that more closely matches NX, has a smaller footprint to show more of the CAD window and dynamically updates forms to only show fields relevant to the current user selections.

Expanded Support for Wrapped Plies

Based on customer feedback to the initial release of self-overlapping plies in Fibersim 15, Fibersim now supports the following for wrapped plies: ply holes and analysis data (weights); detailed design station; analysis export and plybooks.

Planar Cross-Sections

Using a plane as input, users can now create nominal thickness cross-sections that are more robust on complex geometry than traditional 3D cross sections, provide smoothing controls (ramp ratio).

For more info, visit Siemens PLM Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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