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Simulation Solutions that Address Complexity

Engineering simulation software, built in dialogue with the Industry.

Engineering simulation software, built in dialogue with the Industry.

Image courtesy of BETA CAE Systems.

Many organizations strive to boost their competitive advantage by using simulation in their product design and development processes. This happens in a landscape of tremendous disruption, where products’ structure, variations, and performance requirements are more complex than ever. Progress is being made in the development of new concepts in engineering simulation, which exploit newly available technologies, promising to effectively address today’s design engineering challenges.

The evolution of such concepts and the deployment of respective software and processes should be considered effective as solutions to industry’s challenges only when they are really relevant to engineering problems. When they fit, they extend and accelerate current processes without adding further complexity. For this reason, BETA delivers software designed and developed in close cooperation with the industry, beyond buzzwords.

In the current environment of intricate product definitions with multiple variants, of large amount of data and metadata, of performance requirements in multiple domains, and of an engineering world operating at a global scale, BETA offers simulation software solutions that tackle complexity and deliver tangible benefits. In partnership and continuous dialogue with the engineering world, BETA delivers a portfolio that is really relevant to the engineers’ problems, and enables accelerated performance and quality improvement, from the individual user, up to a corporate level.

The advanced Simulation Data and Process management with KOMVOS and SPDRM, the versatile and powerful modeling with ANSA, the engagement of the freshly developed solver EPILYSIS, and the high-performance post-processing and visualization with META, have become the trusted core of simulation by the most demanding sectors. Notably, their capabilities for remote collaboration opened new horizons to engineering teams deployed globally. Also, the newly delivered OpDesign enables the optimal product design to be determined in earlier stages.

The portfolio that BETA offers a platform for the engineers to move into the new age of simulation by transforming the way they face their challenges. Because, after all, it is their challenges that drive evolution. 

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