SOLIDWORKS 2020 launches, CM Labs releases Vortex Studio 2019b, xRS Week set for October

SOLIDWORKS 2020 launches, CM Labs releases Vortex Studio 2019b, xRS Week set for October

SOLIDWORKS 2020 with improved assembly performance and flexible parts, CM Labs releases Vortex Studio 2019b with deformable terrain, xRS Week set for October

SOLIDWORKS 2020 features flexible parts that reflect the movement and joints in assemblies. Image courtesy of SolidWorks.


The 28th release of SOLIDWORKS CAD software, SOLIDWORKS 2020, places a special forcus on large assembly and drawings performance.

The software has grown over time from a strictly CAD package to now include simulation, electrical CAD, manufacturing simulation, rendering, and data management, among others. As a reflection of the parent company Dassault Systemes’ growing interest in the SolidWorks division, the software now has a lot more touch points to other products from the Dassault portfolio, such as xShape, a conceptual design package.

The announcement this week confirms many of the features previewed at SolidWorks World in February, such as the option to use Flexible Parts to design assemblies with realistic movement and inter-part behaviors.

For more, go to the company’s dedicated product page for Solidworks 2020.

Vortex Studio with deformable terrain

Vortex Studio from CM Labs is a simulation software that lets you see what happens over time with heavy equipment. The software is designed for prototyping human, machine, and terrain interaction—the sort that commonly occurs at construction sites, among others.

The latest version released this month, Vortex Studio 2019b, includes terrain that deforms in response to tire tracks and pressure from machinery’s repeated path over time or contact with tools.

The vehicles in Vortex are modular, allowing you to assemble different classes and types by adjusting the templates that come with the software.

Vortex supports GPU acceleration. It works with NVIDIA professional GPUs. The rendering engine is proprietary to CM Labs.

xRS Week set for October

XRS Week is set to take place in October in San Francisco. The show focuses on extended reality—encompassing both AR and VR—with a mix of presentations and panel discussions. It’s organized by Greenlight Insights, an analyst firm that studies and publishes reports on the professional and enterprise use of XR technologies.

Speakers include academics, venture capitalists, and innovative startup CEOs playing in the AR-VR sector.

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