Spatial Corp., ModuleWorks Collaborate for CAD/CAM Solutions

Spatial Corp's and ModuleWorks' joint efforts to create solutions for additive and hybrid machining.

Spatial Corp, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, and ModuleWorks have developed SDKs (aka software components) that offer CAD/CAM vendors complete workflow solutions for additive and hybrid machining.

For the past several years, Spatial and ModuleWorks have had a working cooperation that ensures flexible integration of libraries from both companies into CAD/CAM applications.

The CGM Polyhedra SDK from Spatial Corp, and the launch of additive components from ModuleWorks, extends this cooperation into the field of additive and hybrid machining.

With surface recognition and checking and healing capabilities, Spatial’s CGM Polyhedra SDK delivers a watertight mesh, according to the company. This mesh, along with CAD data, can be passed to the ModuleWorks additive and hybrid manufacturing components to create complete workflows for additive and hybrid machining applications. The ModuleWorks additive software components offer toolpath calculation and simulation, as well as nozzle and material definition, multiple STL capabilities and automatic nesting.

For more info, visit Spatial Corp and ModuleWorks.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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