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By CRP Technology

The new ULTRArapid casting Aluminium engine cylinder.

Over the years, CRP Technology, a CNC machining and RP company,  has been instrumental in the success of many winning racing teams, from F1, to MotoGP, WRC (World Rally Championship), American Le Mans Series and Rally Raid (Paris -Dakar). The company provides race car design and construction services to competition car constructors as well as motoracing teams. CRP offers a high level of support throughout the entire project, including the manufacturing process.

  Clearly, their innovative approach to the use of new materials and technology is widely recognised by the race car industry. Their extensive experience of more than 30 years in CNC machining, rapid prototyping (RP) and rapid manufacturing (RM), casting technology, design optimisation and materials development makes CRP Technology a unique organisation, that not only supplies the innovative Windform® range of laser sintering composite materials,I but it also is involved at the earliest design and development stages.

  CRP Technology srl was formed in Modena, Italy in 1996 as an R&D department and as a spin off of Roberto Cevolini & C srl, established in 1970Shortly after its inception, Roberto Cevolini & C. snc began to focus on production of components for Formula 1, such as manufacturing of frame parts, gearboxes, engine components and machined wind tunnel parts. In 1996, the firm expanded its Rapid Prototyping technology and opened a dedicated division, CRP Technology srl, directed by Franco Cevolini, son of the founder. Cevolini, a graduate in the field of materials engineering, soon developed the material used in RP, called WINDFORM®. Acquiring specific expertise in the investment casting process, Cevolini managed the development of this technology using disposable patterns made by RP technology. This allowed CRP to be the first company operating in the Racing arena to produce mechanical parts of cast titanium to the diverse racing teams.

  During the last months, CRP’s R&D Department has developed three significant innovations that were launched during the Euromold Fair in December 2007 in Frankfurt.

  The first, the new ULTRArapid Casting process, the true RM technology, makes it possible to deliver a full dense and free-shape casting within 2 WEEKS! The other great news is that the quality of the parts is incredibly close to a CNC machined part, but with the ISOTROPY BY COMPENSATION typical of casting structure. 

  Moreover, in comparison with all the direct metal sintering technologies available nowadays, the new ULTRArapid Casting process resolves all their compromises and limits:

  •   Less dimensional limits (less volume limits)
  • No quality limits or problems (NO deformations, porosity,  holes…)
  • No shape limits, no supports, complete geometrical freedom,  like only in selective laser sintering of PA powders
  • Much lower cost

  Currently available only for Aluminium alloys, the process will soon be available for Magnesium, Steel and Titanium alloys.

  Everybody knows the difficulties and the subsequent cost of a good Aluminium alloy casting. Yet thanks to this brand new process, the cost of a good aluminum alloy casting is no longer prohibitive. Moreover CRP delivers finished parts, ready to be used, fully machined and inspected: The true “turn-key” product.

  CRP Racing, the new young racing division of CRP Technology introduced December 2006, tested the new ULTRArapid casting technology-to-manufacture on the last 2-stroke engine cylinder evolution.

  CRP Racing is, in fact, studying a new engine that requires a continuous updating of the drawing and the cylinder casting as well. Using the ULTRArapid casting technology, they have been able to test and validate 7 different drawings and castings in only 10 months. The same production using any other manufacturing process would have cost an enormous amount of both time and money. 

  CRP is also launching the Windform® FX, the new flexible laser sintering material. Windform® FX is a new generation polyamide based material, featuring mechanical and repeatable characteristics that make it particularly suitable for Rapid Manufacturing applications. Windform® FX is characterized by exceptional resistance and resilience to repeated bending and torsion effects and exhibits excellent crash resistance with behaviour similar to polypropylene and ABS stamped parts.

  Thanks to these structural properties, Windform® FX was chosen by CRP Racing to manufacture, in collaboration with CRP’s R&D and RP Departments, to design a 125cc bike reed valve, a component that has to be stiff and overall resistant to shocks and vibrations.

  The latest new innovation offered by CRP is the Reverse Engineering and Dimensional Inspection Service: a qualified consultancy for 3D scanning, CAD modelling, dimensional inspection and quality control. Key to the service is the new 7 axis CMM Faro Platinum Arm + Faro Laser Line Probe optical system, which has just been installed in CRP’s Modena facility.

  Thanks to the “CRP Method,” we are considered to be a unique service point for several different technologies and engineering activities. We are also a really critical partner for a wide range of racing teams around the world.

  Definitely a winning strategy for racing teams who demand a “KEY IN HAND” product, immediately ready for the race.

CRP Technology s.r.l.
Via Cesare Della Chiesa, 21
41100 Modena, Italy

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