Thermaltake Opens PC Mods to 3D Printing

Thermaltake has launched a new website dedicated to 3D printed computer mods.

For standard operations, building a computer is basically an exercise in patience because it’s about as difficult as putting together some of the more complex LEGO sets. It’s only when a user wants to begin making some serious modifications that the process can become more difficult. Not every piece will necessarily fit where it should go, requiring custom, and sometimes expensive, parts to complete the job.

Thermaltake is a company that pays the bills by offering the kinds of parts used to build heavily modified PCs, but even its expansive catalog of goods can sometimes fall short. Additionally, customers that enjoy modifying computers are always looking for new ways to make custom parts. Combine those two factors and you create a need to build custom parts at a reasonable price point.


As is often the case when bespoke designs are required, 3D printing is the answer. Thermaltake has launched a new website dedicated to combining additive manufacturing (AM) and custom PC modification. From the website:

By practicing and incorporating the ideas of the ‘maker movement,’ Thermaltake is offering a platform with free 3D printing files for makers to download. Anyone can use the 3D printing files to their advantage by mapping out and design their own build featuring with customized components or accessories.

The new website offers a number of designs ready for download that can be printed out to assist with PC modification. Included alongside the download button is the estimated amount of time required to print and a “like” system that allows users to offer some amount of feedback. Current offerings include simple objects like AIO brackets, bay cages, and fan brackets, but there’s plenty of room to expand.

Of course, no website that includes the word “maker” would be complete without a way for users to submit their own designs. Thermaltake takes submissions and gives them a once over. If a submission is accepted it will be posted and the designer will receive a small gift from Thermaltake (no specifics on the gift). Given the number of existing extreme mods already out there, the new website could attract a following, bringing together AM and the modding community.

Below you’ll find a video about computer mods.

Source: Thermaltake

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