Tormach 1100M and 770M Unveiled

The M series of 1100 and 770 mills from Tormach incorporates years’ worth of upgrades, optimization and customer feedback.

Tormach debuts the next generation of its flagship machines.

The M series of 1100 and 770 mills incorporates years’ worth of upgrades, optimization and customer feedback. The 770M and 1100M have redesigned enclosures and stands to help with chip evacuation, more powerful  spindle drives (1.5 HP and 2 HP, respectively), plug-and-play accessories, and the 1100M also has increased Y-travel and a faster spindle (7500 RPM) to improve cutting performance in light materials like aluminum or when using adaptive, HSM-style toolpaths.

Image courtesy of Tormach. Image courtesy of Tormach.

Foregoing the numbered series for its product names allows the company to develop in iterations without launching an entire new machine series, the company says.

These new machines features a new, simplified shipping program. Effective now, any order over $50 will have free shipping in the contiguous U.S., including freight (contact company for specific details on the shipping aspect).

With these new mills, it's possible to start cutting parts on the 770M for around $15,500 and $17,500 on the 1100M, with setups that include a power drawbar, stand, enclosure, basic tooling and coolant.

In addition to the M series, this winter the company will be releasing the 770MX and 1100MX.

The MX series of machines will add an encoder to the spindle for rigid tapping, a BT-30 spindle and servos for the X, Y and Z axes. Additionally, the M machines will be easily upgradeable to MX.

With the major design changes moving to M and MX, the company was unable to provide a direct upgrade path from Series 3, but there will be a servo upgrade for Series 3 machines available, if looking to add some next-generation features to an older machine.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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