Understand Component Erosion using BOXERgeom

BOXERgeom's geometry editing capability allows through-life performance prediction of components.

BOXERgeom's geometry editing capability allows through-life performance prediction of components.

Performance of eroded choke valve analyzed using the BOXERgeom tool. Image courtesy of BOXERsolutions.

Processes such as corrosion, particulate build up and erosion can be modeled using new BOXERgeom software from BOXERsolutions. The software gives users the ability to apply simulation data to deform and generate new geometry.

According to the company, the generated geometry can be meshed using BOXER’s meshing capability and analysed to understand performance of component during service and not pristine, manufactured condition.

BOXER software is developed at Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd. 

“With BOXERgeom, we now can allow users to get a better idea of what is happening to components during service and how this affects their performance.” Bill Dawes, CEO of Cambridge Flow Solutions.

Choke Valve Erosion

BOXERgeom can alter a geometric surface in response to an arbitrary surface scalar value such as temperature, pressure, x-location, particle impact frequency and erosion rate, the company says. The surface can be made to move outward (add material) or inward (remove material) to model particle build-up, icing, erosion or burn-out in response to the local scalar value.

Choke valve performance analysis. Image courtesy of BOXERsolutions.

For example, a Choke Valve can be susceptible to sand erosion in the oil and gas industry. BOXERgeom’s tool enables users to model erosion on the component. Users can create a digital twin; predict in-service performance of the component; predict component life span; and determine optimal operating conditions.

Using erosion rate data, material erosion may be modelled onto the geometry to create geometry of eroded component. The geometry may then be meshed within BOXER software for analysis.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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