VariCAD 2019-1.0 Released

A few improvements were made in 3D kernel and STEP input capability, among many other new features.

A few improvements were made in 3D kernel and STEP input capability, among many other new features.

VariCAD 2019-1.0 is now available. This version contains changes of part or sub-assembly editing in assembly environment; new method of holes or cylinders measurement; additional methods of 2D axes creation; a viewer that displays solid names and attributes; a viewer that can open parts from displayed assemblies; improvements in 3D kernel and STEP input.

Editing of Parts or Sub-Assemblies

To edit parts or sub-assembly in assembly environment, it's as easy as right-clicking the object and selecting such a method of editing. Then, part or sub-assembly is automatically open and the rest of the assembly is displayed together with it in predefined color. You can perform any changes of part or sub-assembly objects. Moreover, you can modify the rest of the assembly. It does not interfere with the real assembly objects. After finishing the changes, you can return back into assembly. Optionally, you can leave the editing environment and discard all changes.

If the part or sub-assembly is already open together with the assembly, the editing method is exactly the same.

New Method of Measurement

For cylindrical surfaces like holes or shafts, you can measure length together with diameter or radius. To measure the length, select two opposite points on edge of hole (or shaft). You can detect edge of chamfer, if you need to measure length including the chamfer. 

Additional Method of 2D Axes Creation

For 2D axes upgradable after changes of 3D model, you have a new option. Until now, such axes can be created as axes of a circle or arc, and axes of a rotation surface (projected into 2D as two parallel lines). Now, an axis can be created also by two updatable points similarly as horizontal or vertical dimension. 

A few improvements were also made in 3D kernel and STEP input capability.

For the VariCAD Viewer, the viewer can display names and attributes of solids. If VariCAD native format is open and if the file is an assembly, parts or sub-assemblies can be open from the assembly.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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