VERICUT Version 9.5 Released

VERICUT handles CNC machine simulation, verification, and optimization across processes.

VERICUT handles CNC machine simulation, verification, and optimization across processes.

Vericut is an independent, standalone software that integrates with all major CAM and tool management systems. Image courtesy of CGTech.

CGTech has released VERICUT, Version 9.5. VERICUT handles CNC machine simulation, verification, and optimization across processes like metal cutting, additive manufacturing, hybrid manufacturing, and composites. It is an independent, standalone software that integrates with all major CAM and tool management systems, as well as existing NC programs, even those that have been edited, or created by means other than CAM.

In addition to improvements within the core product, VERICUT 9.5 focuses on improving the user experience, practically automating NC program optimization, while maximizing production efficiencies across multiple processes, and minimizing downtime.

“We’re excited to unveil VERICUT 9.5, featuring cutting-edge innovations like the new Tool Summary with Heat Map display showing tool wear with tool life analytics, and real-time CNC machine connectivity. This release underscores our commitment to enhancing precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes, ensuring our users stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market,” says Director of Product Management Gene Granata.

VERICUT 9.5 Highlights

Tool Summary and Tool Wear
Use the new Heat Map display (in VERICUT’s Tool Summary window) to see the wear pattern on your milling and drilling tools. A combination of colors and messages can be used to understand how each tool was used, and the effects of each cut on the tool.

Track tool life by assigning wear limits to cutters for a variety of machining factors, such as cutting time, material removal volume or cutting distance, to get notified when a tool is nearing expiration. Different values can be specified for machining different stock materials. This is useful to better predict when a tool change will be required, and to improve tool inventory management.

CNC Machine Connectivity
CNC Machine Connectivity allows VERICUT to connect directly to your machine to see real-time data in VERICUT before, during and after machining has taken place.

The new Postcheck capability within the CNC Machine Monitoring module enables users to review monitored data that was archived from the NC machine, within a VERICUT simulation. This feature allows users to observe how well the machine ran, as well as identify when and where and spindle or feedrate override adjustments were applied, machining was paused, or if the Emergency stop was used during machining of a specific part.

VERICUT 9.5 also introduces Connectivity support for NC machines with OKUMA, Siemens and Heidenhain controls.

Enhancements to Interfaces
VERICUT 9.5 continues CGTech’s trend of adding support for the latest released CAM versions, as well as bringing a number of enhancements and capabilities to our CAM interfaces, to automate as many picks as possible from within the interface. In order to leverage all of the latest tools and tooling capabilities that VERICUT has to offer, the CAM interfaces are also being updated to support more advanced types of tools for simulation.

The Mastercam-to-VERICUT interface joins the CATIA5-to-VERICUT interface, as the next CAM interface to include such enhancements, with a new look and feel, plus added functionality to automatically define the Fixture, Stock and Design if they are defined in Mastercam’s Stock Setup. Users can now change the interface language and other settings from within the interface, without the need to exit and restart.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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