What’s New in Simcenter Mechanical Simulation

Simcenter Mechanical tools let users model the complexity of products.

Simcenter Mechanical tools let users model the complexity of products.

The newest Simcenter Mechanical release is built to help users keep simulation data and processes integrated, according to the company. Image courtesy of Siemens.

Simcenter Mechanical simulation software tools can help users get the answers you need before building a physical prototype, according to SIemens. Simcenter Mechanical tools let users model the complexity of products, help development processes go faster, explore more design options, and keep simulation data and processes integrated, the company adds.

All of the simulation tools in the Simcenter Mechanical simulation domain, such as Simcenter 3D, Simcenter Nastran and Simcenter MAGNET, are now aligned to the same release cadence starting with the latest 2212 release. New enhancements in the Simcenter Mechanical are aimed at solving engineers’ challenges in these industry applications and more: automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery.

Applications Across Industries


Simcenter Mechanical simulation solutions include new features to help streamline the e-powertrain simulation workflow, according to Siemens. Additional enhancements will also improve the simulation of other automotive applications from noise, vibration and harshness, to tires, to windshield wiper performance.


New capabilities available in Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Nastran can help users calculate the margin of safety faster, model the complexity of thin aircraft skins better, and help users understand how liquid sloshing in fuel tanks can impact launch dynamics, according to Siemens.

Industrial Machinery

Simcenter Mechanical includes new capabilities that can help users more easily predict durability without being a durability specialist. Simcenter Mechanical can also help users better understand the performance of rotating machines and assess noise from electrical transformers.

Overall, new capabilities in Simcenter Mechanical can help users simulate the additive manufacturing build processes faster and easier than before as well as help pre- and postprocess finite element models more efficiently, according to Siemens.

For much more product detail, click here for a blog.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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