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  • Optimize Composite Orientation
    New advancements help better predict material, product performance.
  • Electric Vehicles and Design Complexity
    Electric vehicles are introducing new levels of complexity to automotive design.
  • EMI Simulation Advances
    An increase in embedded electronics and IoT devices is spurring the use of electromagnetic interference simulation.
  • Optimize Composite Orientation
    New advancements help better predict material, product performance.
  • Voxeljet Adds TPU, PP to Sintering Toolkit
    The use of polypropylene in 3D printing could be beneficial in automotive, electronic, industrial and consumer goods applications, the company reports.
  • GKN Cuts Tooling Production Times with 3D Printer
    According to GKN, the lead time typically required to produce a metal or plastic replacement tool is several weeks. With a 3D printer in the facility, the company can more quickly produce tools that are better suited to its operational needs.
  • Electric Vehicles and Design Complexity
    Electric vehicles are introducing new levels of complexity to automotive design.
  • Printed Electronics Enable Smart Sensors
    The United Technologies Research Center and researchers at the University of Connecticut (UConn) are leveraging 3D printing technology to create wear sensors that can let operators know when a machine is damaged.
  • Lockheed Martin Certifies 3D-Printed Fuel Tanks
    In addition to meeting NASA’s strict requirements for strength, durability, and weight, Lockheed Martin was able to reduce production time for the fuel tank domes by 87%, and cut delivery time from two years to three months.
  • Boeing Invests in Digital Alloy’s High-Speed Metal Printing
    Digital Alloys’ Joule Printing technology can combine different metals into a single part to improve thermal, magnetic, and other properties.
  • One-Step Multimaterial Printing
    Researchers at Washington State University used 3D printing technology to print metal and ceramic structures along with a bimetallic tube that is magnetic in one end and nonmagnetic in the other
  • Renishaw Releases Process Monitoring Software
    To help improve consistency and help customers identify these anomalies, the company has released a new process monitoring software called InfiniAM Spectral that can improve process stability and part quality.
  • A Smart Language for Additive Manufacturing
    Researchers at the University of Huddersfield are creating a new smart language that can enable better communication between designers and engineers that are creating objects using 3D printing.
  • Speeding Up Simulation
    Simulation software providers are embracing the potential of GPUs to provide faster results and visualization.
  • Is 3D Printing a Security Threat?
    According to RAND's Additive Manufacturing in 2040: Powerful Enabler, Disruptive Threat report, 3D printers may pose a risk to personal, national and international security.
  • Project to Turn Ocean Plastic into Prosthetics
    The Million Waves Project launched a new initiative that hopes to both reduce ocean plastics while also tackling another problem – the lack of affordable prosthetic limbs available in the developing world.
  • 3D Printing Enables Concrete Smart Wall
    NOWLab, the innovation arm of large-scale 3D print specialist BigRep, has unveiled a smart concrete concept that combines 3D-printed concrete molds with printed lights and sensor technology.
  • ORNL Develops Plant-Based Print Material
    The scientists are using lignin, a byproduct of the biofuel manufacturing process, which is combined with rubber, carbon fiber and ABS to create structures that have 100 percent improved weld strength between layers over ABS alone, according to Oak Ridge.
  • General Motors Expands 3D Printing
    During a press tour of GM’s Lansing Delta Township assembly plant, the company’s director of global manufacturing integration, Dan Grieshaber, said that the company has 3D printers in most of its factories.
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