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Campbell Scientific Inc

815 West 1800 North
Logan, Utah, 84321-1784
United States of America

Campbell Scientific dataloggers are at the center of our rugged, reliable data acquisition systems. The dataloggers share similar measurement and programming capabilities; selection of the appropriate datalogger depends mainly on the type, number, precision, and speed of measurements required. Multiplexers and/or SDM devices may be added to augment measurement and control capabilities that include: * - measuring most sensors * - providing non-volatile data storage and on-board battery-backed clock (excludes CR7) * - on-board data processing * - initiating measurement and control functions based on time or event * - controlling external devices such as pumps, motors, alarms, freezers, valves, etc. * - using our PC support software or keyboard/display to program * - operating independently of ac power, computers, and human interaction * - consuming minimal power from a 12 Vdc source * - interfacing with on-site and telecommunication devices such as telephone modems (including cellular and voice-synthesized), short haul modems, radio transceivers, satellite transmitters, and ethernet interfaces * - operating temperature range of -25° to +50°C; optional extended ranges are available.