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Seattle, Washington,
United States of America

Dyndrite Corporation is composed of mathematicians, software engineers, designers, mechanical engineers, and believers in the transformative power of digital manufacturing. Through new geometry and computing technologies, we aim to unlock the promise of emerging fabrication technologies, such as additive manufacturing (AM) within production-oriented environments, across numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, consumer goods, and contract manufacturers.

Our flagship product, the Dyndrite Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), is a tool that gives hardware and software companies the power, freedom. and control necessary to deliver the future of digital manufacturing. This multi-threaded and GPU-accelerated software delivers eyebrow-raising performance, python automation, and one of the most accessible app development environments in the engineering and manufacturing industry. It helps our customers solve the toughest geometry and compute problems on the planet. Our licensees include hardware OEMs, software ISVs, enterprise developers, contract developers, and next-generation manufacturers.

To help guide our roadmap, establish  standards, and promote multi-vendor solutions we host the Dyndrite Developer Council (DDC), which consists of the industry’s leading digital manufacturing brands, including 3D Systems, Altair, Ansys, EOS, HP, NVIDIA, Renishaw and SLM to name a few. The HP Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite, announced in October 2020, was the first commercial application built on the Dyndrite Engine.

It’s been 30 years since the last CAM kernel was written - the world has changed quite a bit since then. Dyndrite is here to support the next 30. Let’s build a better future togeth

Dyndrite in the News

Equispheres has pledged to develop, test and publicly release parameter sets for their materials.

Software delivers expanded supports control and expanded Renishaw metal 3D printer compatibility.

Offers serial production capabilities to industrial additive users.

Efforts to bring documented improvements to metal 3D printing operational qualification.

This move bolsters AMS' capacity for producing advanced materials and novel alloys, the company says.

The 2023 Formnext show was a hotbed of new announcements, many leveraging AI to ensure consistent print quality and traceability for production-scale applications. 

AMFG’s automated workflow software has been enhanced by Dyndrite with the capability to 3D nest multiple CAD files for production.

Advances in artificial intelligence, in-situ monitoring and process control are picking away at longstanding concerns about additive manufacturing part quality, but more work needs to be done.

As all-in-one solutions emerge, software and automation are streamlining additive manufacturing and other manufacturing processes into optimized and integrated production workflows.

Companies create integration link enabling bidirectional data exchange.

Two companies set up an agreement to create “smart” metal build plates for the 3D metal printing industry.  

Collaboration to bring users high-performance end-use resin part printing with GPU-powered automated production software, companies report.

New software provides graphical user interface and Scriptable methods for printer preparation, and enables programmable automation for repeatable and traceable parts.

Dyndrite, MIMO Technik and ASTRO Mechanical Testing team to qualify 3D print materials for aerospace and defense.

Dyndrite commits to industry collaboration to define material standards and provide reference data for 3D metal printing.

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