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Intact Solutions

Madison, Wisconsin,
United States of America

Intact Solutions, Inc. is a privately owned company with offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Berkeley, California. The company, a spinoff from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializes in providing fully automated and customized software solutions to engineering problems. Our technology relies on the latest patented techniques in geometric modeling, numerical methods, and computer languages, allowing unprecedented ease of use and levels of automation.

Intact.Simulation is the most flexible mechanical simulation solution in the history of mechanical design. Unlike traditional finite element analysis, which requires manual data preparation and error-prone meshing, Intact.Simulation’s Immersed Method of Moments™ completely automates processing of diverse and disparate representations at arbitrary resolution, resulting in a fault-tolerant finite element model suitable for conventional solvers. Intact.Simulation improves product quality and process via continuous analytical feedback across all geometry and material models, from concept sketching though detailed design, prototyping, production, and maintenance.

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