Digital Engineering January/February 2022

The latest issue of Digital Engineering focuses on sustainable design, including new innovations in 3D printing, simulating sustainability, and the role of PLM in sustainability efforts.

Inside This Issue:

Sustainability Beyond Carbon Counting

Design software makers foresee integrated lifecycle assessment tools.

Sustainable Pursuits

Today’s engineering designs are shaped with sustainability and incorporate innovation.

The Balancing Act of Sustainability

Readjusted design parameters, PLM software and digital twins can help engineers achieve more sustainable designs.

Greening the 3D Printing Industry

New materials, optimized processes enhance AM’s already robust sustainability advantages.

Energy-Efficient Computing: Pipe Dream or Possibility?

There are no simple answers in defining energy efficiency for workstations and servers.

Bionic Arms and Magic Castles Change Lives

Engineers transform wheelchairs and prosthetics into expressive art pieces.

Review: The New Price/Performance King: HP Z2 Tower G8 Workstation

HP’s latest Z2 tower workstation is entry-level in name only.

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Latest News

Will AI-Based Simulation Hit a Home Run?
At NAFEMS Americas, technology leaders provide guidance on how artificial intelligence can enhance simulation workflows.

Intel Tackles Real-World Challenges with AI Systems
Intel reports that it is empowering GenAI developers and athletes around the globe with open and accessible AI systems.

ASME Foundation Wins Grant for Apprenticeship Program in Engineering
U.S. Department of Labor funding will help train and place community college graduates with employers in manufacturing and other...

Hexagon Introduces HxGN SDx2 SaaS Solution
Solution designed to deliver a connected, insightful digital backbone for industrial facilities, Hexagon reports.

Ansys Partners with Supermicro, NVIDIA
Turnkey hardware optimized for Ansys multiphysics simulation provides flexible configurations through collaborations with Supermicro and NVIDIA, according to Ansys.

Fugo Precision 3D Unveils New Centrifugal 3D Printing Technology
Novel technology that offers "layerless" printing reportedly with sub-30-micron accuracy.

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