Digital Engineering, May 2017

3D printing pre-processing; simulating stress concentrations; augmented reality; simulation for small- and medium-sized businesses; IoT links mechanical and electrical engineers; Ulimaker 3D printer review; industrial additive manufacturing and more.

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3D Printing Prep Gets into Shape

Preparing models for 3D printing is no longer heavy lifting, but it’s still not as simple as it looks.

Dealing with Stress Concentrations and Singularities

It’s good know the stress peaks and distribution of high stresses, but it’s better to know when they are meaningful.

Engineering the Wow Factor into Sales

Positioning virtual products in real spaces gives manufacturers an advantage.

Bridge Building in Progress

The IoT demands a stronger link between electrical and mechanical design disciplines.

The SMB Case for Simulation

Small companies have more affordable simulation and computing options than ever to help them benefit via faster time to market.

3D Printing Help is at Hand

From rapid prototyping to manufacturing, service providers fill the knowledge gap and help design engineers meet peak production needs.

Industrial-Grade Materials

A listing of industrial 3D pritning material suppliers and material types from the Senvol Database.

Consumer Convenience, Professional Printing

Review: The Ultimaker 3 is a “prosumer” 3D printer up to the rigors of professional design engineering work.

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Latest News

Altair Updates with RapidMiner 2023 Platform
Updates include auto-clustering, expanded SAS, Python and R coding capabilities.

SME Education Foundation Awards Sustainability Funds to SME PRIME Schools
SME PRIME is tailored to meet the needs of local manufacturers and is aligned with over 30 industry recognized certifications, according...

Siemens Launches a Startup Program
The company says it recognized a need for startup companies to get access to some of its higher end, more...

EcoPulse Aircraft Demonstrator Makes its First Hybrid-Electric Flight
The demonstrator flew with its ePropellers activated, powered by a battery and a turbogenerator, companies report.

 Lithoz and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Team Up to Advance Ceramics
Technical collaboration agreement will focus on innovating high-temperature ceramics processing viathe use of Lithoz 3D printing technology.

EMA to Create Accelerated Designs IP Company
New spinoff business unit will provide multi-CAD support & expertise worldwide, EMA reports.

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