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Editor’s Pick: System-Level Modeling Tool Sees Major Update
MapleSim's improved tools said to make creating digital twins and other virtual prototypes easier.
System-Level Modeling Tool Sees Major Update
MapleSim's improved tools said to make creating digital twins and other virtual prototypes easier.
Spatial Corp., ModuleWorks Collaborate for CAD/CAM Solutions
Spatial Corp's and ModuleWorks' joint efforts to create solutions for additive and hybrid machining.
ANSYS 18.2 Release Builds on Pervasive Engineering Simulation Technology
A highlight of the simulation software release includes advanced visualization and modeling for better antenna design.
Kubotek Releases KeyCreator 2017 V15, Announces openBoM partnership
In addition to Kubotek's release of KeyCreator 2017 V15, it announces an openBoM partnership.
3YOURMIND Debuts in Solid Edge ST10
Solid Edge ST10 is released as a native CAD 3D printing application.
MakeVR Pro Brings CAD-Based Tools to 3D Modeling in VR For HTC VIVE
Vive Studios and Sixense have launched MakeVR Pro, a VR content creation experience.
Vendors Push Parts Reuse to the Next Level
CAD and product lifecycle management platforms are being modernized with parts classification, Google-like search, and systems modeling capabilities to promote model and parts reuse.
Dassault Systèmes Releases Simpack 2018
Simpack 2018 from Dassault Systèmes is a general purpose multibody simulation (MBS) software.
Zuken’s CR-8000 2017 Supports Electronic and Electrical Design Convergence
This latest release enhances electrical and electronic co-design at the architectural design phase.
Photron Builds CAD System Around Spatial’s CGM Core Modeler
The company says it is leveraging memory optimization and capacity for large data handling with new CAD system.
COMSOL 2017 Keynote Speakers Named for Boston Event
Industry leaders present their latest design innovations powered by multiphysics analysis and simulation apps.
Simpleware Release M-2017.06 Now Available
The latest version of Simpleware includes new features and performance improvements across the 3D image to model workflow.
Dassault Systèmes Acquires German Subsidiary of Modelon
The company is a provider of systems-based modeling software.
Simpleware 7.0 Now Available
The new release includes a particles analyzer, animation capabilities and a materials calculation module.

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Alienbrain 2019 Version Control Software Now Available
Introducing Unreal Engine integration and subscription pricing model.

Supermicro Debuts New Edge Systems
These new Edge platforms based on Supermicro servers with optional support for Intel Programmable Acceleration FPGA cards deliver local compute...

Editor’s Picks: August 15-21, 2019
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Experienced Team Brings Fintech Security to Product Data Collaboration
Vertex introduces cloud-based 3D visualization collaboration platform.

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