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Engineering Students Turn the Chevy Camaro into a Hybrid Vehicle
GM looks to the automotive future by sponsoring the EcoCAR 3 competition.
Siemens Expands Partnership with Pennsylvania State University
The company has provided an in-kind grant of PLM software valued at $750 million.
Digital Training for Engineering Students
Engineering students get digital access to simulation and design software training materials.
Virtual Reality: A Powerful Engineering Tool
Not just for gamers, 3D immersion offers new perspectives for design success.
Better Simulations: Are You Missing Math Tools?
Fine-tuning your pre- and post-processing tasks can rock your design cycle.
Battery-Free Wireless Sensor Technology
If We Only Had a Simulated Brain
University of Tokyo Scientists Develop e-Skin
Plasma Thruster Could Send CubeSats Deep Into the Solar System
Researchers Simulate Metallic Glass Failures
Turn Your iPhone Into a Biomed Lab
Uniform Platinum Nanoparticles
University of Washington Readies Fusion Spaceship
Moth-Controlled Robot

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Leading NVIDIA Channel Partner, PNY Technologies, Supports Data Science for Product Development
Detailing PNY Technologies' involvement with the NVIDIA-Powered Data Science Workstation specification.

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Editor’s Pick: Tapping Into Data Science for Product Development
PNY Technologies delivers NVIDIA’s Data Science Workstation specification.

XR Transforming Design, Visualization
Ford, BASF discuss extended reality in VR Intelligence webinar.

ANSYS and Autodesk Light Up Automotive Design
Software providers provide deep integration between the VRED 3D visualization and ANSYS optical simulation solution to streamline vehicle design and...

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