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The Answer is in the Package
Companies will increasingly embrace advanced packaging to achieve greater sensor integration.
Charging Up Product Design
Smart batteries are offering engineers a way to extend product life and improve applications.
Estimating Parameters of a DC Motor
Learn about optimization algorithms in Simscape Electronics.
Mentor Graphics Launches MicReD Power Tester 600A
Product used to test electric and hybrid vehicle insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) thermal reliability.
LITE-ON Implements Optomec 3D Printing Systems
The systems are being used to integrate 3D-printed electronics into parts.
Optomec Presents 3D-Printed IoT Devices at FLEX 2016
The event is focused on advances in printed, hybrid and flexible electronics.
Digi-Key Updates Scheme-it, PCBWeb
The updated softwares will be showcased at Embedded World 2016.
SolidWorks World 2016: Remaking the Company in the Image of IoT
3D-Printed Electronic Skateboards from Faraday Motion
Ultimaker helps create the Hyperboard, a skateboard that can be controlled via smartphone.
Altium 3D PCB Design Tool Sees Major Update
Enhancements focus on productivity and automation.
Fast PCB Prototypes
The new DragonFly 2020 inkjet printer from Nano Dimension can create complete printed circuit boards in just hours.
Stretchable Hydrogel Electronics
Researchers at MIT have found a way to integrate electronics into a hydrogel material that is 90% water.
Mentor Graphics Adds 3D Solution to PADS
This functionality lets users visualize, place and design rule checking in 3D.
Design-to-Order Reshapes Product Development and Management
Web-based tools for EDA can reduce costs, simplify connectivity and manage the supply chain.
Mentor Automotive Announces Digital Instrument Cluster
The device is built with pre-certified parts and has connectivity for ADAS and smartphones.

Latest News

BOXX Workstation Features AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Processors
APEXX A3 offers multiple processor cores.

Poll: CEOs Invest in Tech and Talent While Reshoring Manufacturing
The quarterly survey reveals that 90% of CEOs expect supply chain concerns to stretch well into 2023.

BASF introduces X3D Catalyst Shaping Technology
New X3DTM technology to produce catalysts with optimal shape to achieve efficiency while reducing energy consumption, BASF reports.

nano3Dprint Reveals Dual-Dispensing 3D Printer
nano3Dprint debuts the B3300 Dual-Dispensing 3D Printer, which can produce medical devices, wearables, batteries, solar and other electronics with...

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