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Virtual Product Development Needs Accurate Materials Information
How can simulation analysts avoid costly errors?
Stitching Together the Digital Thread
A digital thread is the communication framework that connects and integrates product data throughout its lifecycle, and across functional perspectives. It’s the next-gen of “right information, at the right time, to the right person.”
Don’t Be Too Busy To Improve
It takes an enormous effort to successfully introduce a disruptive technology to a busy workflow. Is the problem that engineers don’t think they need the new software, or are they just too stuck in their ways—or too busy...
So, You’ve Started Simulating—Now What?
The first step is doing the simulations and storing as much about them as you can; automation and consistency are add-on benefits that you shouldn’t overlook
Different Paths Toward Democratization
You can take your pick of revolutionary technologies changing the world today. In the field of design engineering, technologies like simulation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, additive manufacturing and sensor-laden, connected products are just a few with society-altering promise.
Military Moves Toward Driverless Vehicles
Combatting engineering issues related to automated vehicles in combat settings.
Aluminium Alloys in the Aerospace Industry
This article explains the common alloys used in aerospace engineering and their applications.
Why Attend Technical Conferences?
A conference experience is very much about deciding what you hope to gain.
Formlabs Raises $35 Million in Funding
Autodesk and Foundry Group lead recent round of funding to support new company initiatives, and to further extend Formlabs' global reach.
Rekrei Crowdsources Virtual Heritage Reconstruction
Rekrei is attempting to reconstruct lost artifacts and destroyed heritage sites through crowdsourcing and 3D printing.
MakerBot Swings Back in Intellectual Property Fight
MakerBot steps up to defend Thingiverse's Creative Commons license.
3D Systems Exits Home 3D Printer Market
3D Systems ends production of the Cube, prepares to shut down Cubify.
Apple Continues to Dabble with 3D Printing
Apple files an additional patent related to 3D printing.
WIPO Report Lists 3D Printing as Driver for Economic Growth
WIPIO report encourages investment in 3D printing to drive future economic growth.
Avi Reichental Departs 3D Systems
Avi Reichental has resigned his positions at 3D Systems.

Latest News

ASME and Carbon Survey Finds Large Gains for 3D Printing in Manufacturing
Report shows that nearly all respondents now use a 3D printing process for manufacturing.

MakerBot Report Highlights 3D Printing Use in Remote Learning Environments
Findings from MakerBot’s new trend report on 3D printing in education show its significance to continue engaging students and...

Xaar and Meteor Inkjet Partner With Dyndrite
Companies deliver integrated, optimized 3D CAD-to-inkjet printhead development environment enabling OEMs to quickly invent new raster inkjet machines.

Companies Develop Sand Binder Jetting 3D Printer for Offshore Wind Turbines
3D printing provides flexibility to produce large turbine components near offshore wind projects, companies say.

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