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Second Annual Extreme Redesign and 3D Printing Contest Announced
Dimension Printing-sponsored challenge to award scholarships to high school and college winners.
July ‘05 Readers’ Choice Award: T6x BENCHTOP 3D Printers
T6x BENCHTOP 3D Printers from Solidscape, Inc.
Cleaning Up with Rapid Injection Molding
How vacuum cleaner motor producer Ametek beat the competition using Protomold's rapid injection molding service.
When Safety and Savings Matter
RP Industry to Help Iraqi War Victims
Complex craniofacial reconstruction and orthopedic limb reduction surgery is first focus of humanitarian effort
New Geomagic Release Reduces NURBS Surfacing Time
Up to 80% faster than before, says vendor
Harder, Faster, More Flexible: Beefed UP RP Materials
Whether used for rapid prototypes, tools, or parts, material choices are expandingrapidly.
Time for RP Standards
Lots of talk, some intriguing action, and feedback from the trenches of RP setthe stage for developing standards.
Following the Path of 3DP
The evolution of 3D printing mirrors the development of the 3D MCAD market--it'sready for you.
Z Corporation Introduces First High-Definition, Color 3D Printer
Spectrum Z 510 System offers high-fidelity color print definition
Rasterex releases RxView R7 and RxHighlight R7
Latest viewing products include free Inventor, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge readers.
Produce Prototypes with Greater Precision
Roland's value-priced desktop subtractive rapid prototyping system has big valuefeatures
SolidWorks Prints Directly to Solids
3D Systems integrates SolidWorks with InVision 3D printer
Rapid Parts Move into the Mainstream
No matter how you define it, many forms of Rapid Tooling & Manufacturinghave earned their place in the toolbox.
Create Models from 3D Scans
ICEM begins first customer shipments of its new, standalone reverse engineeringsoftware package

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Mazda Taps into Siemens’ Model-based Generative Engineering Tools
Mazda realizes electrical and electronic design productivity and innovation using the Capital model-based generative design flow.

Hexagon Unveils RS6 Laser Scanner
The RS6 Laser Scanner is the new flagship 3D scanner for the Absolute Arm 7-Axis, according to Hexagon.

SME, Stratasys Announce Winners of FANUC-Inspired SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing Competition
Six teams—three high school and three college teams—received top honors for the designs they created during the three-day...

Design Engineering Teams Choose Process Over Products
The State of Product Development & Hardware Design 2019 survey results contain some surprises.

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