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Report Predicts Rapid Growth for Rapid Prototyping, 2 in a Series
Scanning Service
CRP provides help with reverse engineering, dimensional inspection.
Roland Opens Online Store
Site offers supplies and accessories.
Quick Fixture
Valve maker finds rapid manufacturing trims waste, design time.
Prototyping at Home
Is there room on the desktop for a 3D printer?
New Material for Stereolithography
3D Systems announces new plastic for functional assemblies.
Mesh and Reverse Modeling
VRMesh v4.0 now available for beta testing.
Document Imaging
NewWave to offer Graphtec wide-format scanners, printer.
Cleaner Casts
New QuickCast material cuts repair rate for investment casting.
CAM Product Adds New Toolpaths
SESCOI readies new WorkNC G3 release.
3D Scanning Software
INUS releases Rapidform XOR2/Redesign.
SLS System Builds with Titanium
University claims it's the first in the world to use titanium.
Reverse Engineering Comes to Google
SketchUp plug-in lets users take 3D measurements from digital photos.
Point-Cloud Processing Software
Geomagic Studio 9 now available in 64-bit version.
Overnight Rapid Prototyping
RedEye RPM promises 24-hour turnaround on certain parts.

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OMNIS—Solving Your Toughest Industry Challenges
An end-to-end CAE environment from design to analysis and optimization.

New GPU Enters the 7nm Realm 
The graphics processing unit can do more work per watt and do it faster than the previous generation technology.

Editor’s Pick: Engineering GPU with World-First Specs 
AMD Radeon Pro W5700 is a professional PC workstation graphics card designed for 3D designers and engineers using 7nm technology.

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Digital Twin Accelerates Product Development
Engineer your innovations with Simcenter.

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