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Link Optical Elements to SolidWorks
Software bridges gap between optical and mechanical design.
Heat Transfer, Fluid Design System Advances
Vendor says latest version unlocks new areas of modeling.
FIELDVIEW 11 Postprocessor Offers New Capabilities
Productivity, innovation, and collaboration benefits include FIELDVIEWAdvanced Technology Viewer tool and others as Intelligent Lightresponds to customer requirements.
Femap Version 9.1 Ships
Latest version of FEA application is essential component in new UGS Velocity Series
December 2005 Readers’ Choice Award: COMSOL
FEMLAB Changes Handle and Adds Features to 3.2
Complexity Analysis Commercialized
Software makes complexity vital component of decision-making or design.
Analyzing Analysis-Keeping Track of the Trends: Part 1
Software and hardware improvements build off each other to keep this field moving in high gear.
ALGOR Offers Multiplatform Support for Windows, Linux, and Unix
Expanded support for 32- and 64-bit workstations means more efficient engineering.
Visual Numerics Announces Visualization Tool Upgrade
New features of PV-Wave 8.5 include 64-bit support for three new platforms.
Speed Thermal Design Using Compact Models
Web-based model development means sensitive IC design never leaves the company.
Software Toolkit Adapts DAQ for Linux Version of Simulink
UEI tools enables any Simulink model to be downloaded to a Linux-based target PC and run with company's I/O boards.
SenSound Introduces Vibration Mode Technology for Noise Diagnostics
US Automotive Testing Expo 2005 provides forum for panel contribution and vibration mode analysis.
Putting the Spin in CFD
Computational Fluid Dynamics is a perfect tool for studying rotating components.
Optical System Modeling Gets a Boost
CODE V 9.6 delivers improved modeling, tolerancing, and optimization.
OPERA promises open powerline spec by the end of 2005
The new spec covers PHY, MAC, and broadband PLC systems.

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