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Upfront Drop Tests in COSMOSWorks
Complex nonlinear analysis technology underlies ease of use.
Response Surface Methods for Process Optimization
How optimal experimental design can map performance in the presence of multifactorlinear constraints.
Predicting Cracks & Chinks
Research engineers at Beasy Software have developed a program to accurately simulatecracks and failures in structural material.
October ‘04 Readers’ Choice Award: CFX-5
November ‘04 Readers’ Choice Award: ACUITIV 4.0
NEiNastran Supports 64-Bit Computing
Itanium 2 and AMD Opteron processors provide analysis solution users increasedproductivity
Designing with Plastics
Coupling structural analysis to process simulation.
Complex Analyses Need High-End FEA
High-end programs push the envelope on huge problems, catastrophic failures,multidisciplines, and multiphysics.
C.A.E. Segment of PLM Growing at Most Rapid Rate
Competitive pressure, easier-to-use software, and powerful computers fuel adoption.
Automate Your Analysis
EASA enables engineering companies to automate analysis, spreading best practicesand knowledge throughout the enterprise and improving ROI.
A Dynamic View Saves Millions
Using a CFD postprocessor to achieve business and technological success.
Squelching Brake Squeal
General Motors and LMS team up to develop a new prediction methodology for solvingbrake squeal problems.
No-Cost Performance Upgrade
Juniper Networks uses electromagnetic simulation to substantially improve itsproducts minus any additional manufacturing costs.
Moving Up to Multiphysics Analysis
When the job calls for more than structural mechanics, it's time to explore thepower of single-environment, coupled-physics analysis.
COSMOSWorks: SolidWorks Revisited
The 2005 release of the simulation product does, in fact, make design analysissimple. It's a motto that works.

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Jabil Inks Additive Manufacturing Agreement to Supply Parts to Renault F1 Team
On-demand delivery of racecar parts for Renault F1 Team driven by expansion at certified Jabil 3D printing facilities worldwide.

ExOne Announces Kennametal as Inaugural Beta Customer for New X1 25PRO Production Machine
ExOne also announced a new material partnership program, as well as more collaboration with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing.

Behind the Scenes at Materialise in the Midwest
Factory tour at Michigan-based 3D printing production facility provides a peek at the company’s innovations in the medical sector.

DSM and Adaptive3D Partner to Commercialize Tough 3D Printing Photopolymer
DSM to help produce, distribute and sell Adpative3D's Soft ToughRubber.

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