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Neoterics: New Products & Esoterica, 1 in a Series
Modeling, Analysis System Upgraded
Version 7.0 extends GAUSS with more than 30 new functions.
Maplesoft Tool Models and Simulates Multibody Systems
Design tool based on Maple for simulation of mechanical dynamics.
Making the Grade
Early users are praising their CAE Data Management systems.
Low Stress Welding Simulations
ABAQUS helps with complex modeling and simulation of welding processes.
Gridgen User Group Calls for Papers
Pointwise schedules Gridgen User Group Meeting at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport April 24-25.
Grid Option Available for CFD
Interactive solver for complex jobs is an unstructured package.
Geometry:  The First Element of Analysis
3D component developers recognize the unique  needs of CAE and are developing new technologies.
Full Spectrum CAE Solutions
Femap Version 9.1 Announced
Widely deployed pre- and post-processor delivers in-depth finiteelement modeling for both full time experts and occasional users
CFD Solver for Pros and Rookies
CD-adapco built new application from the ground up.
CFD and Collegiate Racing
The UMR racing team uses advanced visualization  nd overturns conventional aerodynamic wisdom.
Before the Flood
Numerical modeling of the spillways at Smith Mountain Dam was fast, and saved money.
AWR Partners with Flomerics to Link Circuit Simulation with 3D Electromagnetic Analysis
Will let engineers analyzing circuit layouts study the electromagneticperformance of key components in 3D.
Tune Electromagnetic Designs Rapidly
MicroStripes 7 automatic runs series of simulations that vary design parameters.

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