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Designing with Plastics
Coupling structural analysis to process simulation.
Complex Analyses Need High-End FEA
High-end programs push the envelope on huge problems, catastrophic failures,multidisciplines, and multiphysics.
C.A.E. Segment of PLM Growing at Most Rapid Rate
Competitive pressure, easier-to-use software, and powerful computers fuel adoption.
Automate Your Analysis
EASA enables engineering companies to automate analysis, spreading best practicesand knowledge throughout the enterprise and improving ROI.
A Dynamic View Saves Millions
Using a CFD postprocessor to achieve business and technological success.
Squelching Brake Squeal
General Motors and LMS team up to develop a new prediction methodology for solvingbrake squeal problems.
No-Cost Performance Upgrade
Juniper Networks uses electromagnetic simulation to substantially improve itsproducts minus any additional manufacturing costs.
Moving Up to Multiphysics Analysis
When the job calls for more than structural mechanics, it's time to explore thepower of single-environment, coupled-physics analysis.
COSMOSWorks: SolidWorks Revisited
The 2005 release of the simulation product does, in fact, make design analysissimple. It's a motto that works.
ALGOR V16 Offers Sketching, Modeling and Meshing Tools
Alibre Design provides solid modeling
Access Complex Simulations Directly
New Motion, Durability, and Acoustic Simulator Integrated with CATIA V5
Real-time Modeling and Visualization
ICEM invites designers to download a free-trial version of its automotive styling and industrial design software, from its website.
Smarter Missiles
CFD postprocessing helps develop unique missile control system using unique flowcontrol actuators and advanced control algorithms.
Predict Success
Real-life probabilistic studies result in real-life product improvements.
Optimize Designs Efficiently
PlassoTech's finite element analysis tool focuses on the fundamentalsof design and optimization.

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