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Get Immersed in GPU-Accelerated Simulation and AI-Driven Rendering
Simulation and visualization benefit from GPU-accelerated interactivity.
ANSYS Discovery Live Enables Real-Time Digital Exploration
Discovery Live from ANSYS will enable engineers to simulate designs in real time quickly and more economically, the company reports.
Computer Clusters Shine through the Cloud
Computer clusters for HPC continue to be a viable solution for engineering teams, along with workstations, virtualization, cloud computing and on-site data centers.
Umbra Composit Boosts Rapid Visualization of 3D Models
Cloud-based 3D rendering now possible on mixed reality devices with Umbra's platform.
Rethinking Remote Rendering
External GPUs, virtual machines and remote workstations broaden visualization options.
CONTACT Extends its 3D Connect Visualization Offering with a new Solution
With the new solution, engineers can perform model analysis such as collision checks or clearance calculations directly in their task context.
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Editor’s Pick: NVIDIA Helps Makes Real-Time Simulation Real
NVIDIA technologies leveraged by ANSYS for new simulation tool for designers.
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Explore Simulations Early, Often and Live
ANSYS invites users try out a technology preview of upfront simulation toolset for all engineers.
Design Gets Real
From photorealistic rendering to virtual and augmented reality, design engineers who visualize more realistic products earlier can unlock innovation and efficiency benefits.
ANSYS 18.2 Release Builds on Pervasive Engineering Simulation Technology
A highlight of the simulation software release includes advanced visualization and modeling for better antenna design.
Katana 3.0 to Ship with Rendering Tool 3Delight
3Delight powered render license will be available from Foundry as a separate purchase.
NVIDIA Iray Natively Supports X-Rite’s Appearance Exchange Format
Developed by X-Rite, AxF is a vendor-neutral format that enables the communication of all aspects of a physical material’s appearance in a single, editable file to improve design virtualization, X-Rite reports.
Exploring Virtual Reality in Product Design at the Rave Cave
Visit the Rave Cave to test drive virtual reality hardware and software.
BETA CAE Systems Releases v18.0.0 of its Software Suite
One highlight of the new software solutions is functionality for meshing and mid-surface extraction.
Simulation Visualization: Seeing is Understanding
Recognizing the challenges and benefits of visualizing product development data.

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