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3D Printing Materials

Multiply 3D Printing’s Material Benefits
Multi-material 3D printing delivers new levels of realism.
3D Systems Releases Nylon Material
It is compatible with the CubePro printers.
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10 Reasons Why Multi-Material 3D Printing is Better for Your Product Design & Development
Good designers know how to take the materials at hand and combine them to create unique solutions and exceptional designs.
Stratasys Releases New FDM and PolyJet Materials
The company has added new colors and composite materials to its portfolio.
3D Systems Unveils New Production-Level 3D Printers
Company also debuts new materials and scan-based design and inspection system.
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Editor’s Pick: 3D Systems Unveils New Production-Level 3D Printers
Company also debuts new materials and scan-based design and inspection system.
3D Systems Announces Next-Generation Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions
The company is showcasing new 3D printers, materials and software at EuroMold 2014.
Stratasys Introduces New Fortus Printers, FDM Material
The technology, according to the company, is focused on providing improved reliability, speed and accessibility.
Stratasys Launches New PolyJet 3D Printers
The two systems offer solutions for the consumer goods, research, medical and prototyping industries.
Airwolf 3D Unveils 3D Printing Adhesive Solution
The material bonds ABS to a heated build plate without PET film or Kapton tape.
3D Printing’s New Materials, Part 2: Metal
Metal materials and systems offer ever-increasing choices for additive manufacturing of one-off parts or hundreds of custom pieces.
Lightweight Material Champions
While no one wants a product to be heavier than necessary, lightweighting has become an obsession in the automotive and aerospace industries.
NanoSteel Demonstrates New Additive Manufactured Wear Materials
The company's growth in additive manufacturing supports the need for on-demand, on-site wear parts while addressing the current challenges in 3D printing of high-hardness parts.
Stratasys Releases New Thermoplastic Material
The material is all-purpose, and ideal for prototype production, manufacturing tools and finished goods.
EOS Offers Titanium Ti64ELI, StainlessSteel 316L
Can be used for creation of medical implants, surgical instruments.

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