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Autodesk to Offer MakerBot 3D Printers with 123D Apps
Collaboration will make 3D development easier for engineers, designers.
Fast App: Precision is Everything
Yes, it is brain surgery ... so FHC switches to EOS' plastics laser-sintering system to manufacture the patient-specific STarFix platform.
MakerBot Announces MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner Prototype
Prototype on display at SXSW adds scanning capability to company's 3D product line.
Stratasys Launches Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D Printer
Low-cost, desktop solution for creating orthodontic models.
Cimatron Establishes 3D Printing Advisory Board
3D printing expert Terry Wohlers named as first member.
Read: Doctors Use Mcor Paper-Based 3D Printing To Dramatically Reduce Surgical Time
Advanced Technology Systems to Offer Objet Printers
Reseller expands 3D printer line.
Materialise HeartPrint 3D Printing Service
Provides patient-specific cardiovascular models from medical image data.
Online Collaboration with GTeam, 2 in a Series
3D Systems Delivers Go!MODEL for Creaform Scanner
Portable 3D scanner, software tool can capture physical objects and directly model for 3D printing.
Zebra Imaging to Partner with Autodesk
Web GL integration service to be available via Autodesk
3D Systems Releases Eight New ProJet 3500 3D Printers
Printers incorporate HD MAX and CPX MAX technology.
Super Sizing 3D Printing
Airbus has announced plans to print an entire airplane by 2050. Is it possible? How far along the path are we?
Customizable 3D Printer Has Open Architecture
Provides quieter printing than predecessor, improved power supply.
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Editor’s Pick: Customizable 3D Printer Has Open Architecture
Provides quieter printing than predecessor, improved power supply.

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