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Big Data

More Data Collection, More Data Protection
One sure way to protect private data is to not collect it.
Top 5 Training Trends
What skills will be most important for engineers in the coming year?
What’s the Computer Think?
What massive computing power will learn from design data.
HP Unveils Big Data Cloud Platform
The system can help analyze a variety of data and help manage IT solutions.
The Internet of Things Could Take the Guesswork Out of Design
The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the potential to better inform engineers throughout the design process.
MATLAB 2014b Brings Collaboration and Data Analysis Features
New MATLAB release brings better analytical and collaboration features to the scientific and engineering programming environment.
Penguin Computing Introduces Arctica 3200xlp Network Switches
The technology provides 40 GB copper and optical links for leaf spine connectivity.
ConnectX Unveils Mission to Launch First Space-Based Supercomputing Platform
The company aims to create a system that can help solve big data storage issues associated with terrestrial supercomputing.
Registration Opens for ISC Cloud and Big Data Conferences
The two conferences will be held in September and October this year.
IBM Announces Fund to Research Chip Grand Challenges for Cloud and Big Data Systems
The initiative will have programs focused on 7 nanometer technology, carbon nanoeletronics, silicon photonics and more.

Latest News

Quick Snapshot of NAFEMS Americas Regional Conference
Event covered range of topics in the simulation space, including electrification, autonomous vehicles and diversity in simulation organizations.

Nuts and Bolts of NAFEMS’ Acquisition of ASSESS
Two leaders of respective simulation organizations sit down to discuss details of NAFEMS acquisition.

TriMech and Solid Solutions Unite
The merger creates a strategic transatlantic technology and solutions partnership for the advanced design, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

3D Systems & EMS-GRILTECH Enter Strategic Partnership
Leveraged combined expertise to introduce DuraForm PAx Natural— a material available for all Selective Laser Sintering platforms.

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