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Star Rapid and Star Trek: Inspiring a Generation of Engineers
Star Trek and the iconic culture that it created offered a glimpse into what the future might hold for technology and humanity alike.
Grassroots Simulation Data Management
From a sea of disconnected information, I had to derive a clear understanding of the analysis objectives and develop an analysis plan.
Ignorance Is a Miss
Data management needs run a broad gamut, from simple file permission controls to full PLM. There are a lot of options in between. It’s also a constantly changing target.
CMMs: A Machining Accuracy Possibility
Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are devices that use physical contact or, increasingly, laser scanners or other touchless techniques, to precisely create a digital map of the outside of an object.
Interpreting a Data-Driven World
One of the most important tasks in any finite element analysis simulation is to decide on the objectives of the analysis and how to interpret the results in a physically meaningful way, according to Abbey.
Engineering Training in the Future
It’s all about engaging and interesting content at a lively pace.
The Power to Simulate New Materials
Having scalable manufacturing systems in place that allow new materials to be created and used is critical, of course, but then what?
Designing Over-the-Air, Secure Devices
The fundamentals of IoT device security are hard to build in late in the development process, and the details do matter.
How the Integration of CAD and CAM Affects Design Engineers
CAD-CAM integration, plus the rise of rapid prototyping, could bring CAM capabilities to virtually every engineering desktop.
Designing “Smart” Products
Are we at risk of becoming a bit too enamored with the potential returns to be gained from connected, “smart” products and the IoT?
Simulation Paves the Way for a New Autonomous Testing Era
To predict certainty in vehicle performance, automotive companies will have to extend simulation technologies and embrace new ones.
Designing Sensors for Harsh Environments
As the IoT takes shape and harsh-environment applications become more prevalent, increased demand may cause vendors to remedy this situation.
Technology vs. Economy and Human Nature
It’s not enough for technology to work economically, it also has to shift cultural norms.
Stand Behind STEM/STEAM Programming
STEM projects build on the natural curiosity of children while teaching the scientific method, engineering, physics and biology, and let kids try on careers at an early age.
Simulation and Analysis: When Button Clicking Ends in Tears
Oversimplification of analysis decisions can lead us astray in finite element analysis.

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