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Can Simulation Reach its Full Potential?
Simulation-driven design is not yet the standard way of designing products.
Mobility Means Complexity
In the age of immersive technology, everyone will want access to design data.
Direct Design, Data and the Future
Design engineering teams should consider the source of outside data.
Make CAE Mainstream
Teach CAE not as a course, but instead build it into the curriculum.
The Difficulty with Simplicity
The complexity of products seems poised to outpace our ability to manage them.
Engineering an Experience
A product is just part of what your company should be designing.
Customization is Crucial
3D printing enables patient-specific medical applications.
Simulation and the Future of Medicine
Many Life Sciences companies are taking action; others will have to catch up later.
Deep Learning Will Accelerate Self-Driving Cars
Artificial neural networks learn many levels of abstraction.
Manage Change for Engineering Success
Make change management meaningful and real.
More Data Collection, More Data Protection
One sure way to protect private data is to not collect it.
Engineering Innovation is a Team Sport
Build your engineering dream team via public and private partnerships.
A Case for Simulation Governance
Finite element modeling is not numerical simulation.
What’s the Computer Think?
What massive computing power will learn from design data.
Manage Design Complexity
Complexity: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

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