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Optimizing Security — Safeguard Your Printing Environment
Your large-format printing environment could be vulnerable to data breaches. Here's how you can address common security risks.
Designing Over-the-Air, Secure Devices
The fundamentals of IoT device security are hard to build in late in the development process, and the details do matter.
By the Numbers: The Internet of Things
Facts and figures on the Internet of Things (IoT).
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Born this Way: Higher Security for High Speed Computing
IDC predicts that, by 2019, 70% of major multinational corporations with roots in the U.S. and Europe will face significant cybersecurity attacks
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Develop a New HPC Cybersecurity Mindset
High-performance computing (HPC) has opened the door to many innovations; yet, it has also introduced new cybersecurity challenges, as the computational power has attracted cybercriminals, as well as malicious insiders.
Balance Cybersecurity & Collaboration
Open collaboration raises fears that the system security will be compromised, yet locking a system down hampers research and ultimately interferes with the reasons for providing computing resources.
Cybersecurity, HPC and Big Data
In the past two years, IDC’s HPC team (now called Hyperion Research) has conducted major studies on cybersecurity practices in the U.S. private sector, with special attention to the roles of HPC and big data analytics.
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How IoT Is Making Security Imperative for All Embedded Software
Devices for the Internet of Things require secure embedded software. Here's what you can do to improve your code's security while reducing costs and cycle times.
Industrial Internet Consortium Releases Security Framework
The framework provides a systematic view at IIoT security.
IoT Security: Smart Measures for Smart Devices
Early integration and testing is key for safer products.
Security Frameworks to Set the IoT and IIoT in Motion
The IoT market already offers a number of solutions to prevent attacks.
Software Piracy: A Growing Epidemic
The practice exposes customers to a range of IT risks.
CeBIT Keynoter Focuses on Securing the ‘Things’ in IoT
Lessons learned from hacking the Tesla Model S are applied.
Nissan LEAF Security Flaws Exposed via Hacking
The NissanConnect EV app could be hacked via a Web interface to control individual car functions and access journey data.
Owl Computing Named Specialist ICS Security Tool Provider
The firm offers cybersecurity for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure.

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