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High-Performance Computing Needs to Be Simplified, Democratized
SC15 focuses on the critical importance of communicating the benefits of HPC.
High-Performance Computing is Not Yet for All
Massive computing power is available, but elusive for some.
Democratizing CAE with SPDM at GKN Driveline
The manufacturer demonstrates how to implement templates and expand simulation through the product development team.
The Difficulty with Simplicity
The complexity of products seems poised to outpace our ability to manage them.
Managing Simulation Democratization
The app model has the potential to alter the design workflow.
The Rise of the Simulation Stack
New alternatives in high-performance computing are rewriting the CAE playbook.
Democratization of Simulation Takes Flight
The technology for analysis and simulation is becoming more accessible -- though how do we close the gap between analysts and engineers?
Pros and Cons of Simplified Simulation: A Panel Discussion
Lost in Simulation
Mixing data governance and standardized processes is the best antidote to a big-data headache.

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Introducing Unreal Engine integration and subscription pricing model.

Supermicro Debuts New Edge Systems
These new Edge platforms based on Supermicro servers with optional support for Intel Programmable Acceleration FPGA cards deliver local compute...

Editor’s Picks: August 15-21, 2019
One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

Experienced Team Brings Fintech Security to Product Data Collaboration
Vertex introduces cloud-based 3D visualization collaboration platform.

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