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Editor’s Pick: Big Release of Electromagnetic Simulation Software
Altair's 2018 electromagnetic software said to target e-mobility and communications jobs.
Big Release of Electromagnetic Simulation Software
Altair's 2018 electromagnetics software said to target e-mobility and communications jobs.
ANSYS Delivers ANSYS 19.1 Software
Latest ANSYS simulation software release said to boost productivity and eliminate product complexity across all physics.
EMI Simulation Advances
An increase in embedded electronics and IoT devices is spurring the use of electromagnetic interference simulation.
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Editor’s Pick: COMSOL Multiphysics Update Available Soon
New analyses method computes acoustics and acoustic-structure interactions efficiently.
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See MagNet v7.8 Improvements in Action
MagNet v7.8 introduces improved treatment of nonlinear materials and expanded circuit modeling tools for complex control systems.
ANSYS 18.2 Release Builds on Pervasive Engineering Simulation Technology
A highlight of the simulation software release includes advanced visualization and modeling for better antenna design.
Infolytica Software Boosts Electromagnetic Simulations
Conduct virtual prototyping with latest release of low frequency electromagnetic, electric field and thermal design and analysis software.
Altair FluxMotor Software Tool Enables Machine Design
Platform focuses on the pre-design of electric rotating machines.
Remcom Partners with P3 Group for Simulation Solutions
The partnership extends the collaboration in air cabin communications modeling.
ANSYS 18.1 Includes Features to Simulate More and Faster
Latest release aims to boost design productivity and optimization, according to the company.
Flux 12.3 Connects with Altair Tools to Support Multi-Disciplinary Optimization for Design in Electrical Engineering
Connections for Multi-domain simulation are featured in latest Flux 12.3 release.
3D Magnetic Field Solver Updated
Enhanced coils and winding editor for 3D models, more physics manipulation tools and improved performance among highlights.
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Editor’s Pick: AMPERES 9.3
The software has all sorts of tools for optimizing electromagnetic assemblies and components.
Keeping the Connected Soldier Connected with Simulation
Simulation is playing a key role in the design and test of antennas used extensively on the communications, GPS and health-monitoring gear worn by today’s connected soldier.

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